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Where to shop 65-inch Android TVs in Nigeria?

If you live in a massive apartment with a tv set that is less than 65 inches screen and you are thinking of upgrading to something more sophisticated and modern? Check out some of our budget-friendly big-screen TVs that are smart enough for you to enjoy the best of entertainment on a broader view. Our variety of 65 inches Android TVs give you the chance to enjoy the best of entertainment usually are on your tablet or smartphone but this time on a larger view. 

Explore your device smart features that enable you to access all your favourite entertainment or productivity apps and contents through your 65-inch android tv. If you are a lover of a live football match, you can live stream your matches directly on your big screen. To enjoy all the access, you must ensure you connect your appliance to WiFi for better user experience. 

Bring the cinema to your living room and give your loved ones that cinematic experience without leaving the house. Never miss out on any action when you stream video game, tv shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime. In today's world, there's plenty you can do on your tv that traditionally is done on a computer such that you can now browse the web, order item directly on your tv, and many other amazing things thanks to technology improvement and innovation that has now made our TVs smart.

Have you been able to find what you are looking for yet? Let's assist you in finding the right product you are looking for without breaking the bank. Browse through our range of QLED or OLED devices to shop for one that is perfect for your need. We also have budget-friendly LED TVs that will not cost you a lot. 

Buy 65 inch Android TVs in Nigeria. 

Find several low-cost home entertainment devices online at Jumia, Nigeria. Enjoy an unlimited discount on large items when you order today.