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Do you need to pick up your grocery items such as rice and beans urgently, is it almost your loved one’s birthday or wedding or anniversary, need a gift you want to be delivered urgently? Maybe you have already done your shopping at a nearby store and you couldn't find everything you are looking for. Do you need to get some stuff real quick but you are unsure if delivery will be swift? With us, you can be sure of a super fast and next day delivery when you order items with Jumia Express tag. You can also enjoy our offering of 1k Jumia Express Items. Whether you are planning to get the latest smartphones, a laptop, trendy wear or affordable health and beauty products but you are unsure if the delivery can be made the next day? What if I told you that there's a next day delivery for buyers in Lagos while shoppers in Abeokuta, Abuja, Ibadan or Port Harcourt get to enjoy up to 2-3 days delivery?

What is Jumia Express?

Products with Jumia Express logo are items stocked and warehouse by Jumia, it ensures fast shipment and quick delivery. There is no out stock items, no order cancellation, and products of high-quality are stored and delivered right at your doorstep. Buy gadgets with the Jumia Express logo to enjoy same shipping fee as vendors shipped items, no subscription needed to enjoy smooth product delivery, you will also get to enjoy premium services without additional costs.

Do you want Jumia Express for all your products?

All you need to do is to browse through your choice of product category to filter for the commodity you are looking for and you must ensure the stock to plan to order has a Jumia Express tag which makes it eligible for next day delivery. This delivery option is only accessible to some selected products. To be sure that the product you are getting is eligible for next day delivery, you ensure the items have the Jumia Express sticker on them. You can also take advantage of the Jumia Express filter to search for devices available for fast shipment. It is noteworthy that items shipped from abroad are not eligible for next day delivery. 

Are faster service options like Jumia Express available for returns?

Would you like to return your product and you are in doubt if the return process would be as fast as the order delivery time? There wouldn't be the need for you to return your order because 99.9% of our Jumia Express orders meet customers requirements. All items stocked, packed and shipped by Jumia meet will meet your specifications and needs. Enjoy quality product packaging from the professional in the game, you are also guaranteed of product availability. Faster delivery when compared with orders shipped vendors. For you to enjoy swift and effortless delivery you should look for products with Jumia Express logo if you want urgent package delivery. If you are in the market to find low budget laptops, looking at upgrading your existing home appliances and you want them to deliver quickly to your place. All you need to do is choose from our collection of Jumia Express home and office appliances.