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iPhone 6 Plus Review

Although the iPhone 6 Plus was announced in 2014, there is no doubt that it is readily one of the most powerful smartphones that have been released since the advent of them. Like all Apple smartphones, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has a combination of features that you would love to see in any high-end phone. Whether you are looking at a phone that has a massive performance or attractive display features, its specifications are commendable. Little wonder that the phone still remains relevant in the smartphone industry even after over two years of its release.

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Features of the iPhone 6 Plus

Display: The iPhone 6 Plus has a beautiful and sleek outlook. It is easy to hold and, most importantly, it is Apple’s first firm phablet. iPhones before the 6 Plus have always had smaller display sizes. However, this has a display of 5.5 inches, a size large enough to be called a phablet and noticeably larger than its predecessor, the iPhone 6, which had a display of 5.7 inches. This is a welcome innovation for a lot of people who like to be able to carry their phones firmly without fear of it slipping off. Although the phone is relatively larger than previous Apple smartphones, Apple has designed it in such a way that you can comfortably operate it on one hand.

The front of the phone is made of glass while the body is made of aluminium. In terms of display, the iPhone 6 Plus was the first Apple phone released which had a full HD display of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a LED Backlight display which has amazing viewing angles. In general, the colours on the phone are clear, bright and beautiful due to the IPS panel.

With a weight of 7.1mm, the phone is both compact and slim and is not only perfect for handling but can comfortably fit into your pocket without moving or falling off. On the left side of the phone, you would find the rocker switch and the volume keys which are separated. But the power button is located on the side, as against the top position in previous iPhones.

Performance, Storage and Operating system: The iPhone 6 Plus is a powerful phone. It is powered by a 1.39GHz dual-core processor coupled with a 1GB RAM and a 64-bit Architecture. The performance of Apple smartphones differs from that of Android phones so while a 1GB RAM on an Android phone could mean a slow performance, it is the other way round with an iPhone. The performance of the iPhone 6 Plus is not just powerful, it is also very swift and smooth. The internal memory of the phone is 64GB and although it contains some pre-installed Apple applications, you can certainly delete them if they would be taking up much-needed space. The phone was originally released with an operating system of iOS of iOS 8 but can be updated to Apple’s latest OS; iOS 12.

Camera: iPhones have come to be synonymous with good cameras. So if you are a huge fan of pictures, the iPhone 6 Plus is one of the best phones you can get for that. It packs a selfie camera of 1.2MP and a rear camera of 8MP. The rear camera is a bit protruded but is covered with a Saphire glass that protects it even when it is placed on a surface. Pictures taken on the phone are clear and bright, an amazing substitute for professional cameras especially if you are not a professional. Features of the selfie camera include face and smile detection, facetime over wi-fi, HDR. The features of the rear camera include HDR, dual-LED dual-tone flash and more.

Battery: The iPhone 6 Plus has a notable battery capacity. With a value of 2915mAh, it can last for up to fourteen (14) hours even with intensive use like browsing or online syncing. You certainly can spend the day out without bothering about having a power source as long as your phone has been charged fully.

iPhone 6 Plus Specifications



Front camera: 1.2MB

Rear camera: 8MP

Battery capacity: 2915mAh

Operating system: iOS 8.0 (upgradable to iOS 12)

Performance: 1.39GHz dual-core processor

Display: 5.5 inches

Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

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