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Buy Handwash Online at Jumia

If you are online to shop for hand wash online and you have been able to find a place where you get to order what you are looking for. We are your one-stop store for all your grocery products. When shopping in a physical or online marketplace, have you ever thought to yourself what the difference between your body washes or soap is, also you may wonder which one is better for you or your family? When making you buying decision, this would be the most difficult choice to make but we will help you reach a balanced ground.

One distinctive feature between these two products is that hand soaps are made from liquid fats and sodium hydroxide, which is known as "saponification" while your body wash is made from liquid fats and potassium hydroxide. Depending on your choice or personal need, each product gives you complete clean wash. Hand soaps have existed before body wash. 

In recent time, it can be said that many families prefer to go with the liquid soap. If you are looking for bath or laundry soaps tough on germs and you are here, rest assured we got you covered in a wide range of items that you can choose from. Some are moisturiser, which will give you a clean bath and help you dry your skin more. Are you thinking of something that will gentle on your skin? Check out some of our body washes that are made to give you a clean wash daily.

When you are in the market and you are looking at maximising your budget and you want something that will fall within your range. Remember body washes are more expensive than hand soaps. If you are looking to create richer leather.

Where to buy HandWash Online in Nigeria

Discover low-cost body and hand wash soaps at Jumia and get discounts on a wide range of selected items when you order them.