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All You Need To Know About Grand Theft Auto

Are you a fan of video games or you just want to start your adventure into the gaming world. Grand Theft Auto is one of the top video games popularly recognized and played around the world. It is that perfect action-adventure game where you get to steal and ride vehicles to complete missions. The game was first launched in 1997 by the developer Rockstar Games and has since then blossomed from just being regularly to being the fourth highest-selling game franchise in the world. Made for the interest of all types and level of players, the game can be played on various platforms like Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Android, iOS, Windows, Dreamcast, Game Boy, and Fire OS amongst many others. This means that no matter the video gaming platform you have, you can still enjoy the excitement and energy in the game. You do not have to worry about not having the latest consoles to play with, these games are made compatible with most of the consoles available.

From inception till present, the game series contains 11 stand-alone games and 4 expansion packs. The latest release is the Grand Theft Auto V launched in 2013. The video game first appeared in the 3D version in the GTA III launched in 2001. From this point, with each installation being released, the game has shown more increasing immersive characters and experience. From expert digital details and advancement to interesting and intriguing story plots and levels, you can be sure to enjoy as much as you would like.

The video game storyline centers around motor vehicle theft and is staged in different cities and areas. For each game, you get to choose a mission which could include driving, carjacking, third-person shooting, and racing amongst many others. With the different characters and their strengths and interests in each mission, you get to show off your adventure skills and passion.

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