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All You Need To Know About Far Cry Video Games

If you are a fan of first-person shooter games, then you would love Far Cry. It is a series of action shooting games first launched in 2004 by Ubisoft publishers. The series consists of 5 main versions and 7 spin-off versions. Created to be versatile and dynamic for all players, the games do not follow a particular narrative story, but instead allow the players to move at their own pace, making decisions and acting on their own instincts. The players get to explore the environment while ensuring their own survival, taking up good or bad acts. In the different games, you get to enjoy exciting scenarios ranging from realistic to supernatural or scientific.

The latest Far Cry New Dawn was released in 2019 as a narrative sequel of the Far Cry 5. The Far Cry 5 was released in 2018 and was designed to follow the story of a sheriff’s deputy. The character has to complete different adventures and missions in surviving the conflict between a doomsday cult called Eden’s gate and the resisting residents of his community. The New Dawn spin-off was set to seventeen years after and follows the survivors of nuclear war as they find themselves and rebuild their lives and community.

The game series has also been released for different platforms like Windows, Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation. You also do not have to play a previous version to follow the storyline for a new one, each game is designed with a standalone narrative.

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