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Buy AirPods Online in Nigeria

In December 2016, Apple took user experience to a whole new level by introducing AirPods for Apple users. In a time when being able to constantly listen to songs, podcasts, audio files and more is important, AirPods are mobile accessories that basically allow you to listen to sounds from your iPhone or any other Apple product that you have. AirPods function in a very similar way to Bluetooth accessories. However, they are trendier and easier to carry around especially as they do not have wires or cords.

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Features of Apple AirPods

For a lot of Apple users, AirPods have grown to be necessary mobile accessories. If you are just joining the Apple family, you might have a few reservations about why you need to get a pair. Here are a number of reasons why you should get them:

1. They are usually physically negligible and do not call a lot of attention to you. If you are an individual who would like to have things done without having a lot of eyes on you, AirPods will definitely be your thing. They are designed in such a way that they fit into your ears effortlessly, allowing you to listen to your favourite music and other kinds of sounds on the go.

2. They can work simultaneously with all your Apple products: This is one of the most fascinating features of AirPods. If you’re an Apple junkie, they would help you stay connected to all of your Apple gadgets, since all of them are normally connected via iCloud, anyway. Interestingly, this does not mean that they clash the sounds from all your Apple devices. The AirPods work in a way that they receive signals from whichever of your gadgets is playing, without interference, and switch accordingly.

3. They can work with Android devices: Android users are not left out of the awesomeness of this wave of technology. AirPods have W1 chips, dual optical sensors, a microphone, accelerometers and small batteries. When paired with an Android phone, they are detected by the dual optical sensors and notify you of the connectivity. One compelling manner in which they work is that when you pull one of them out of your ear to attend to something or someone, the sound you’re listening to automatically stops. It resumes when you put it back into your ear. The AirPods are tuned to detect when they’re out of contact with your ears and when they’re back in.

4. Carry out commands with Siri: Apple has employed Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the AirPods and you can carry out commands with Siri on any of your paired Apple gadgets without physically being in touch with them. Whether it is calling a loved one, checking the weather, playing a song, setting a reminder, all your commands are actually now easier; just tap the side of any of the AirPods and you’ll have Siri answer to you.

5. Independent function: These earbuds have been designed such that one can function without the other. One way this feature comes in effectively is when you need to save the battery of one of them. You can save the battery life of your AirPods by using one at a time. All you need to do is to keep one of them in the charging case as it charges while the other is in use. And if you are using both at the same time and one of them runs out of power, the other one is sure to keep running.

Where to Buy Apple Airpods Online in Nigeria

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