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If you want to have food that tastes scrumptious, you need to make sure that you are putting in all the right spices which add flavor and taste to your food. There are some of the main spices that are used in a number of dishes. South Asia is known for its spices in the food. There is a variety of cooking spices in Nigeria that are used in different dishes. The cultural dishes of Nigeria are rich in spices. They are a mixture of Chinese and Indian flavors. Cooking spices online shopping can be done from Jumia which are available in a huge variety. These are offered online for the local customers as well as the foreigners visiting the country so that they can take some of the Nigeria spices back home. All these spices must be used before their expiry date. Prices of cooking spices in Nigeria are offered at affordable rates at Jumia.

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Every country has its own food delicacies. These are prepared using different ingredients. Each ingredient has its own unique flavor and taste. You can buy cooking spices in Nigeria from any of the local stores as well as online.

Ginger powder:

Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, ginger powder is used to prepare different types of food. It comes from fresh ginger which is then dried before being turned into powder form. It is white in color. Available in powder form, it does not need to be chopped, thus reducing manual labor. It is used in preparing curries, stews, rice, and even tea. You can also bake ginger cookies using this as an ingredient.

Chili powder:

Used in all types of cuisines, chili powder is a necessary ingredient. It is used to spice up your food. How much to use depends on how much spicy food you like. It comes from the chili pepper which is dried to make a powder form of this ingredient. It is red in color which depicts its fiery taste. It is used in burgers, steaks, gravies, etc.

Garam masala powder:

This ingredient is added in the food mostly towards the end. Garam masala powder is a mixture of five different spices. These include rosebuds, cardamom, cumin, cloves, and bay leaves. It is used as a herb in the South Asian region and does not require much cooking, otherwise, it will taste bitter.