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Where Can I Get Microphones?

We have various microphones that come in different sizes and shapes to complement your sound mixers or you might as well get dynamic microphones on Jumia. There was a need to increase the volume of a spoken word when talking to larger groups and this brought about the invention of the Microphone. It is an acoustic to electric sensor that converts sound in air into an electrical signal. It is used in many applications like telephones, studio recording, radio and television broadcasting and also in computers for voice recording. Most loudspeakers today are dynamic and much more to produce an electrical signal from air pressure variations. On Jumia, you will get the best prices of microphones so ensure you shop with us.

Microphones Images at Jumia

When choosing a sound transmitter for use at live studios, churches or any public place the most commonly used are the condenser and dynamic microphones. The condenser produces a high quality audio sound and is a popular choice in recording studios and its power source is usually a small battery or phantom power operation to capacitate the voltage. Dynamic sound transmitter works through an electromagnetic induction and provides us with a clarity sound production which is not that expensive and is resistant to moisture. It is mostly used by commentators and in churches also. At Jumia, we also have the shotgun, boundary and hanging choir microphones as well as the concert 77 earset or fitness system and much more. Shop at Jumia for the latest and best of dynamic microphone price, musical instruments and studio recording equipment.