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Dell Laptop Batteries in Nigeria

Dell is an American multinational IT corporation established in 1984. They have been in the business of developing and selling computers and computer accessories for many years now. It is one of the largest corporations in the world employing more than a hundred thousand employees worldwide. The company is currently a part of the Fortune 500 ranking. The company has continued to break new grounds for developing new IT software and has pioneered in computer systems, software, IT services and consulting. Although the company is a market leader in personal computers, they do not solely rely on that. The products by Dell include servers, scanners, netbooks, storage devices, laptops, notebooks, televisions, smartphones and printers. Using a laptop for entertainment or business purposes is a part of everyone’s routine in this era, but what if the battery starts to malfunction? The whole routine is disturbed. Thankfully, there are spare laptop batteries available in the mall. And buying one for your laptop isn’t a difficult task, just follow through some of the guidelines given below and look for your battery with online shopping. Jumia offers great deals on laptop batteries on the website. The variety will help you choose one for your laptop easily.

What to look for in a Laptop Battery?

Find your laptop’s model:

The first step to finding the right battery is to find out what your laptop’s model number is. You can look for it in the system properties or it will be written in the user manual for your laptop. If you can’t find either of those, then look for a sticker on the bottom of your laptop. This model number will help you find the perfect fit.

Voltage requirements:

Different systems have different voltage requirements. Before buying a battery, make sure that the voltage on your adaptor matches with that on the battery. Otherwise, the battery will not work properly and will phase out in a shorter lifespan.

Battery life:

The battery life largely depends upon the usage and the number of times you plug in your charger. Lithium-ion batteries do not require that the charge is drained off completely before the charger is plugged in. But most batteries do require that the charging slot is empty before plugging in the adapter. This largely affects their lifespan.

Check adaptor specifications:

Most adaptors work with all sorts of batteries but some of them have voltage and Lithium specifications which you should consider before buying a battery. If the laptop adaptor won’t match the battery, there is no point in buying one.

The batteries produced by Dell have a range of specifications that suit best for lots of model number. Jumia has a range of batteries available on the website. The entire Inspiron series can use the same battery type and adaptor. The shapes may vary according to the laptop design but the functionality is the same for all. The price of the batteries also varies according to the model number. When buying a new battery, make sure to dispose of off the previous one correctly because they contain minerals and chemicals. But these are recyclable and you can recycle them yourself or find drop off sites for donation.