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Buy Luminous Inverters Online in Nigeria

Luminous Power Technologies is a leading power and home electrical specialist with excellent portfolio in manufacturing high quality and affordable power solutions such as Inverters, UPS and many more. As a global brand, they are known for making powerful USP and batteries that serve as back up to electrical gadgets when power supply from the national grid is cut off.

Whether you are thinking of reducing the electricity costs you incurred every month while you consume less energy as a result of incessant power failure from the grid supply or the cost of fueling your generator or fixing it due to its ware and tear? If you have ever thought of having power without outage then you are in the right place. As we bring to you the Luminous Inverters that let you power your homes, offices or business centres with the help of these devices you will be able to solve your power problems because we bring you the solution.

As a reputable organisation, they have been able to build a trusted name for themselves when it comes to making quality power back up systems that let you run your electrical gadgets seamlessly without any apprehension when it comes to power failure or unnecessary and outrageous billing from the national electricity provider. They offer high capacity back up with excellent performance with capacities ranging from as low as 900va to 1.5kva for low power applications and up to 10kva for commercial applications while it offers a 3 phase with a capacity up to 150kva for powerful performance. These gadgets have fast charging capacity that is compatible with irregular power supply.

If you are thinking of getting a UPS to back up your electronic devices at home and at work, you should look through our wide range of inverters that come at bargain prices.

Where to Buy Luminous Inverters Online

Find affordable Luminous Inverters on Jumia Nigeria at low prices. You can also shop for the necessary accessories for a successful installation.