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Buy Handheld mirrors online via Jumia

Before leaving the house for work, a formal event, or even for hangout with friends, it is important that you check your appearance in the mirror. This boosts your confidence by letting you know that you look perfect. Even if there are minor issues with your appearance, you can correct them, like setting your hair, putting the lipstick again, or correcting the crease of your clothes. Handheld mirrors have been used since long to check your facial appearance and hair. This is an accessory that must always be with you in your handbag. You can buy a variety of Handheld mirrors in Nigeria online from Jumia. These mirrors have different designs and are available in varying sizes. These mirrors are both durable and reliable. They are available at affordable rates at Jumia so that these are accessible to a large number of customers.

Different types of Handheld mirrors

Though these are mostly used by women as they are more conscious about their appearance than men, Handheld mirrors are also required by men to check whether the tie knot is perfectly made, or their hair is fine, etc. Here are some different styles of Handheld mirrors.

Makeup mirrors:

These are the most essential tools when applying cosmetics on your face. A makeup mirror usually has a magnifying glass so that you can do a detailed makeup such as putting eyeliner, doing correct blending, etc. These mirrors often have lighted surface that reflects light. They may often have lights around the edges for better illumination.

Stationary mirrors:

These mirrors have a stand so that you can place them on your bedside table or dressing table. Many of these mirrors are often used for decorative purposes too. These are made of ceramic or wood and have different designs carved on them. These are vintage mirrors that have been used in the olden times too. Some have plain edges while some gave intricate designs carved on the edges and are embedded in jewels and stones, etc. These mirrors are mostly gold or silver in colour.

Handheld mirrors:

Being compact in shape and size, these mirrors are often kept in handbags and wallets so that you can use them while travelling or when away from home. A hand mirror can be used in different angles to adjust according to your needs. These may be round or square and can be folded to avoid scratches on them. These mirrors often have a long handle to hold them. Such handles are also either plain in style or have beads or stones on them. The handle is strong enough to support the mirror.

Decoration mirrors:

There are small size folding mirrors made of metal or other materials. These have classic designs and are vintage in style. With a small click, you can open and use them. There is often a small capacity within the mirror so that you can place either a ring or cufflinks, etc. into them. These are quite small and often do not even look like a mirror.