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Hand soaps are soaps basically used for cleaning, they usually come in a liquid form or a gel form. Hand soaps could also be referred to as antimicrobial soaps which is used for cleansing hands, carrying out hand hygiene in order to remove dirt, microorganisms or organic materials on the hands. Hand soaps are produced in form of liquids, granules, bars as well as flakes. It is manufactured using different sodium salts from different fatty acid which is gotten from natural fats and oil. Hand soaps are very important as it helps to keep the hands clean which in turn helps to prevent spreading germs and also reduces the rate at which a person can become ill. Research has shown that washing your hands properly is one of the most effective ways of ‘reducing a spread in infections or certain kinds of diseases. Hand hygiene is very essential to a healthy living as it prevent you from acquiring infections and also spreading certain kinds of diseases. Therefore, it is advised that you wash your hands all the time in order to have a healthy hand hygiene.

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