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Where to buy Rice Online in Nigeria?

Rice is one of the most consumed foods in Nigeria and worldwide, you can now buy rice online on Jumia at the lowest prices in Nigeria. Jumia has in stock different types of rice such as Ofada Rice, Parboiled rice, Organic Rice and many brands of rice from top manufacturers all over the world such as Caprice, Royal Stallion, Mama Gold, Best Foods, Rising Sun and many more. Bags of rice on Jumia are also available in several sizes; 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg and more allowing you have access to a variety of rice types, brands and sizes at different prices to enable you pick your choice.

Price of Bag of Rice in Nigeria

Due to various economic factors, the prices of bags of rice in Nigeria tend to fluctuate from time to time and normally you would have to go all the way to the market to find out the price of a bag of rice in Nigeria but now you can simply be anywhere with your mobile phone or laptop and check and compare the prices of various sizes of bags of rice from different brands easily on Jumia, make your purchase and have it delivered to you very quickly. You can also enjoy greatest discounts on your favourite brands and sizes like the Mama's Pride 50Kg bag of rice So what are you waiting for, visit Jumia today to buy your bags of rice at the best prices in Nigeria.