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Buy Crisps, Snacks & Nuts in NIgeria

Adults and children alike enjoy snacking on things like nuts, chips, chocolate, candy, and biscuits so endeavour to stock your kitchen with a variety of snacks you can eat between meals. There are times when we feel like munching on something but not necessarily cooked meals, this is where snacks come into play. We can easily eat them at any time as they do not require any form of further preparation. The snack foods on Jumia are well packaged and have preservatives which ensure they last for a considerable amount of time. We provide you with a wide variety of groceries so shop online and enjoy pay on delivery option.

Snacks bar on Jumia

Jumia brings you a large selection of peanuts, cookies, pretzels, almonds and more for you to snack on. Having snacks bar at home will come in very handy especially when the kids are around for you can easily keep them happy with them. Buy snack foods online at Jumia from top brands like M&M, Planters, Welch, Pringles, Minimie, and much more. When going for picnics in the park or spending a fun day at the beach, you can go along with crisps, snacks & nuts as an alternative to cooked food. Get packaged popcorn that can be microwaved each time there is a movie to watch.