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Learn to cook from food experts like Julia Canning and Emma Summer so you give your family mouth-watering meals. With the aid of food & drinks books on Jumia, you will have your kids waking up to the smell of delicious and enticing meals. Little children love chocolates and cakes so have a recipe book on baking will come in handy when you have your little nephew and nieces around. Learn to prepare quick and easy meals that will still offer high nutritional benefits when you use the food & drinks books from Jumia. By getting these food & drinks books, cooking will be effortless and a fun thing to do.

Latest Collection of Cook Books on Jumia

Discover a wide range of food & drinks books on Jumia that will ensure your friends and family stay longing for more. Learn to cook everything from Chinese cuisines, salads to different kind of sauces. You will find food & drinks books on Jumia that will enable you to prepare some type of meals for combating illness like Asthma. If you want to lose some weight and still stay healthy, there are fruits and vegetables recipes that you can incorporate into your diet plan. At Jumia we care food for your well-being that is why we bring you the best food & drinks books at the best price in Nigeria. You will get good value for money as you no longer have to spend so much on restaurant bills when you can prepare sumptuous meals in the comfort of your home.