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Powders are the oldest type of cosmetics and are still used because of a number of reasons. Every makeup look requires a finishing touch which a face powder provides. Face powders in Nigeria come in a number of colors and forms which the shoppers can get according to their choice. There are a number of face powder brands from which consumers can select their desired product. It is very important to get the right shade that matches your skin tone and also get the powder that suits your skin type. There are several products that can make your skin too oily or dry, so always test out the product first. Brands like Mac offers purchasers with different types of powders which they can match to their skin type. Jumia offers buyers with a wide collection of powders at discount prices. The discount deals reduce the face powder prices in Nigeria.

Guide for Buying Face Powder

There are a number of factors that the buyers must take into account before buying a face powder. These tips will help you get the right product that matches all your requirements.


There are two main categories of face powders that you can select from that include; press powder and loose powder. Pressed powder is a compressed powder that comes in a compact. It is portable, easy to use and gives a matte finish. The pressed powder is applied using a face powder puff or sponge. These are usually small in size which makes them easy to be carried in the purse. The loose powders are in the form of a powder which is used lightly and to is dusted all over the face. These are made from minerals which makes them shiny rather than matte. These give the skin a natural shine and can be applied using a brush. Brands like Maybelline offer the best loose powders which come in a variety of colors.


It is important to get the right color of the face powder according to your skin tone. Brands like Loreal and others retail colors from light, medium and dark skin tone. You can match the powder easily by testing it out on your skin. There are several other golden, peach and silver tones of loose face powders that buyers can get to add extra shine to the face. Etude is an excellent brand for getting uncommon colors which other brands might not offer.


There are a number of ingredients used to manufacture face powders. Always check the labels to see whether you are allergic to an ingredient or not. Common items used to make a face powder include; Talc, Kaolin, Mica, Starch and so on forth. Some powders have a slight fragrance as well from which people who have acne problems or sensitive skin can get instant allergic reactions. Oriflame is a brand that uses 100% natural ingredients that will cause no skin allergies or any other problems. People who have sensitive skin can try out products by this brand.