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Feminine Hygiene Products

Discover various Feminine hygiene products on Jumia that is ideal to use during menstrual period, vaginal discharge and others as it prevents the body from bad odour, discomfort, itching and mostly to prevent bacterial infections. At Jumia, we offer you various feminine hygiene brands that will maintain a sweet nice body aroma that is inviting even when having your monthly periods. It is important for women and young girls to keep themselves clean with hygienic products so as not to disrupt their natural hormone or chemical balance. Go through your feminine hygiene products list and get all you need in your no. 1 online store Jumia, Nigeria at best prices. Get products like Dr Brown Sanitary Pad, Always, Lady Care and more at best price and we will deliver to your doorstep. We have sanitary pads, feminine wash, panty liners, tampons, sanitary napkins & more.

Stay and feel fresh with feminine hygiene products on Jumia

Considering what you can use to stay and feel fresh always? We offer you varieties to that will definitely make you feel fresh during those few days of the month. The Luv ur body menstrual cup is from a trusted brand and comes in various sizes for both young ladies and mature women to make use of as it will eliminate every discomfort and bad odour for you to love your body and be confident to have fun with friends all day. It comes in sizes and is designed stylishly with different colours for you to make your choice. You can rock your fashionable dresses to work all day without feeling so much cramps and have fun with friends without bothering of stains or bad smell as the feminine hygiene products available for you on Jumia, will take care of your body.