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Where to get Manicure and Pedicure Set?

Manicure and pedicure has to do with beauty treatment of both hands and legs at the beauty salon or at home. It consists of filing, shaping, and massage of the hand and toe nails as well as polishing by painting of pictures or designs and various colours on the fingernails and toenails. Looking beautiful have been made easy for you; all you need do is sit on the couch and browse on your phone or laptop to get the various manicure and pedicure set at Jumia from trusted brands like Bourjois, Elf, Palson, Jumia Bundles and so much more to show off flawless beautiful soft palm and feet that reflects your personal style. Get a pedicure machine online to get that perfect looking toenails. We are concerned about making you look beautiful that is why we bring you skin care products & make-up for a stunning look.

Pedicure and Manicure products at Jumia

You don’t have to spend tons of cash at the salon when you can easily get various pedicure and manicure items at best prices on Jumia. Discover various pedicure and manicure products at Jumia, like the awesome colours of nail polish, so if you are the fashionista that loves trying different colours then you are sure to get gorgeous colours that will make your nails strikingly beautiful. Longing for Beautiful soft palm and feet? Get pedicure and manicure products that comes in set or single and save yourself the walk to a beautician and simply do it right at home. We have various nail polish, foot file, nail varnish, foot spa, foot care, moisturisers and much more for you to give yourself a simple but beautiful colourful nail shade that will make you sparkle and brighten up your day. You can also get fragrances and hair care products online from our beauty corner.