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Fabric Refreshers are Now Available on Jumia; Get Yours!

Fabric refreshers are used to basically give life to old fabric. If you have had some curtains, sheets or clothes stored away for a very long time and you want to use them again, then you absolutely need to get a fabric refresher. Also known as fabric spray, these items give a better smell to a cloth that otherwise has a musty smell and odor from being kept away for so long. They are usually scented and light on the cloth, which means they do their job without leaving any stains or residue on the material. Some of them can also be used on upholstery, rugs and carpets. A fabric refresher is quite different from the fabric softener , which gives fabric a nice and softer texture.

Find Amazing Prices for Fabric Spray Refreshers Online in Nigeria

Get a multipurpose fabric spray refresher for your fabrics on Jumia today! Find top brands like the Febreze spray. This will help to give your old curtains and laundry a good smell even after you wash them. Do not condemn your old fabrics anymore, treat them right with refreshers you can find on Jumia. Order yours today and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time!