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Beautiful Elizabeth Arden fragrances at Jumia Nigeria.

Elizabeth Arden is one of the most famous women’s brands all around the world. It has its basis in Florida and over time has gained a huge level of prominence all over the world. The main market of Elizabeth Arden in Nigeria are ladies above the age of 30 as most of their items are catered towards their requirements. Elizabeth Arden perfumes are in great demand in Nigeria as each one is made using the best of ingredients that leave the best feeling possible. Jumia is your online shopping solution for all the perfumes you need from this brand. Not only will you get the best range, you will find the best prices as well.

All the types of perfumes you need right here.

The brand has more than twenty products in their range that cater to a vast range of customers. When you buy perfumes online, make sure to get a fragrance family that you know of so you can get the perfect one that you need. 5th Avenue Eau de Parfum is one of the highest selling ones that the brand has. It is a floral based family one that has a huge hint of black raspberries. This perfume is the embodiment of a modern-day woman because it is one that can be worn in many situations.

Blue Grass Eau de Parfum is another one in the floral fragrance family but the difference here is that it has a strong hint of spicy wood. Its top notes include rose, jasmine and lily. It is considered to be the perfect one for spring and summer because it is light and refreshing. Mediterranean Eau de Parfum is one of the classics by this brand and in turn one of the highest selling ones. This is due to its different smell as compared to the rest. It has been inspired by the honeysuckle plant which is famous for its light breezy scent.

The Red Door Aura Eau de Toilette is one the strongest smells by this brand. It is considered to be the perfect one for a night out as it is strong as well as long-lasting. It is known to make women feel confident and secure about herself.

Makeup items by Elizabeth Arden

The brand also has a huge makeup line in the form of face makeup, lips makeup and many more. They range from muted subtle tones to strong dark ones as well. When buying makeup, always consider your skin tone to get the perfect match for you.

Finding everything you need at Jumia.

Jumia has multiple search options that you can choose to search for the product that you like. All products being sold here are genuine and are offered by verified sellers. So shop now and get some amazing deals. Another thing that you will enjoy here is our cash on delivery feature so you have a secure method of payment. Have the best experience shopping at Jumia!