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How to Fit your In-Ear Headphones Properly

Even the best in-ear headphones can sound awful and soon become uncomfortable to use and looser when you don’t fit them properly on your ear. So make them sit well on your ear and get the most out of your earphones, here’s a short list of tips:

Ear tip size:

One of the keys into a proper earphone fit is picking the one with the right ear tip size for you. But in some circumstances, one ear might be larger than the other so you have to pick two different sized ear tips to make a perfect fit.

Seat them firmly:

Sealing your ear canal with the ear tips is the only way to remove or at least lessen the noise coming from the outside. Noises are always a hindrance in your way of experiencing the best sound there could be. In order to seat the ear tips firmly on your ear, a forced push will definitely not work and might harm your ears. Instead, pull the outer rim of your ear to ease the tip into a comfortable position. You should notice a drop in the ambiance noise once the ear tips are positioned correctly. And when you’re listening to music, you’ll notice improve on bass.

Types of Earphones Available at Jumia

When it comes to buying earphones, one requires picking out of many wired or wireless earphones available in the market. The best idea is to know your requirements and about the features of each type of headphones. Some headphones completely cover the outer ears whereas others are inserted within the ear canals for complete isolation.

Circumaural Earphones

The circumaural earphones are made for use by professional sound engineers. They are also used by professional musicians around the world for music recording and listening purposes at commercial scale. These earphones have a great deal of padding that makes them comfortable. They offer excellent sound quality and bass. Moreover, they keep ambient sound out which makes music listening experience more pleasing. These include Bluetooth earphones as well as wired, with different prices ranges and qualities.

Supra-Aural Earphones

The supra-aural earphones are one of the best type available in the market. They are very comfortable in use because they sit on the outer side of the ear. The open design of supra-aural earphones allows you to listen to great music along with listening to what’s going around them. The portability and lightweight of supra-aural earphones make them the best choice for people who want to listen to the music on the go. In fact, many music enthusiasts also call them the best in-ear headphones available in the market.

Apart from the two most popular types of earphones mentioned above, you can find a complete range of earphones from all the popular electronics brands.