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Buy Landline Phones Online

If you are one of the collectors wanting to add a new telephone to your collection, you can find unique telephone when you shop online. At Jumia Nigeria, online merchants can also list their telephone products for sale. Whether these landline phones are antique and collectible or the brand new designs to date, Jumia is the right destination where you can list your telephones for sale. It’s totally free to be a seller at Jumia. What more could you need!

Stay Connected with a Telephone for your home

The oldest method for distance communication will always fall on landline phones. With the use of such, you can call anywhere, get connected and say simple hellos. Although mobiles and tablets are given hit singles, it is still a good idea to have a telephone line for your home. With a number of advanced technologies today, having your own landline phone had long been forgotten. But don’t neglect the importance of keeping a landline! Experience clear communication when you use a telephone in your home. But know about the telephone which is most suitable for you is what needs to be known.

Cordless or Traditional Telephones?

You have two choices when you want to buy a telephone for your home. You can either go for the traditional cord phone or for a modern cordless phone. But if you are always multitasking and need to move about from time to time, a cordless landline telephone will be perfect for you! If you are looking for the best-priced telephone for you, Jumia Nigeria will get you to the perfect deal within your budget! Jumia provides a wide range of telephone selections depending on your needs. Whether you want to stick to the traditional or experiment on cordless telephone sets, online deals at Jumia have just about the right phone deal for you! Online shopping has never been this easy as you save more time looking for the perfect phone you can use while heftily enjoying the comfort of your home.

Modern Features of Cordless Phones

The modern cordless phone models come with many different features that include:

Two-line Support: As the name suggests, the phone sets with 2-line support offer at-a-time compatibility with 2 different lines. Some new sets also support different ringers for both lines for added convenience. Apart from this, some new phones also facilitate conferencing two callers in three-way connections.

LCD Screen/Touch Panel: The modern cordless phones feature color LCD screens whereas the latest ones also come with touch panels. Since the touchscreen technology has taken the world with a storm, people are buying more and more cordless phones with touchscreen functionality these days.

Auto-talk Feature: The auto-talk feature of new cordless phones lets you just lift the phone off the base and start talking to the caller without requiring to press the answer button. Volume Adjustment Button: Just like all the new cellphones, the new cordless phones have a side button for adjusting volume when you are on the call. This makes a cordless phone, the just right choice for all kinds of home as well as office needs.