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Landline phones are the traditional type of phones used at home or in offices. It is known as the fixed line or the main line. Landline phones use a metal wire telephone line to allow communication in comparison to a mobile phone which makes use of radio waves.

Choosing the right landline phone is contingent on your usage patterns and budget. Find out if you want a simple phone without an answering machine or with one. Look for the voice quality of messages recorded over the answering machine if you want an answering machine phone. Look for features such as the ability to replay your recorded messages, the number of rings after the answering machine plays, an on/off button, speaker volume adjustment, caller ID etc. Decide the number of phone lines you want. One phone can support multiple phone lines to receive calls from multiple numbers. These numbers can have different ringtones as an identification of which phone is ringing. You need to select a frequency or bandwidth based on whether wireless devices are present close to your phone or not. If wireless devices are not present, you will require a greater bandwidth. Determine how many bells you want or whether or not you want caller ID, speakerphone or the ability to make conference calls. The mute button functionality allows you to silent incoming calls if you do not wish to receive them. See whether the base is the sort that can be hung on a wall? Increasingly, many phones can now be placed on the wall to allow ease of use so this is one feature that acts as an added benefit. Once delivered, you can even try fitting the phone in your hand and ear and if it feels comfortable, you are good to go. Also, decide whether you want digital or analog technology.

Fixed Line-A fixed telephone line can be corded as well as wireless. This refers to landlines in homes. Fixed wireless devices usually work on electricity. They are efficient and have greater bandwidth compared to wireless portable mobile phones. Landlines and corded phones are ideal for use in cases of power breakdown.