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Christianity is one of the most practiced religions in the world. It is believed that to be a great Christian, you have to read the bible and other religious books from time to time and also practice what is written in them. The bible is the most important book to any Christian as it contains all the doctrines, rules and laws which the practice follows and live by. Reading your bible is supposed to help to upgrade your spiritual life. Thus, this book, alongside others, is seen as a life changer because of the kind of spiritual impact it has on the reader’s personality, how they perceive themselves and the world at large. This is because these books help you find your passion, discover your purpose and also guides you through the process of achieving that purpose.

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Jumia Nigeria is concerned with delivering the best of needs and wants to all customers at the best prices around. Thus, we stay up to date with all of the spiritual books and items that you could need to get yourself to the spiritual point you would love to. Check out the various versions of the Bible available on our website. Also, browse through to see books from highly recognized and recommended authors like Dr. Myles Munroe, Kenneth E. Hagin, and many others.