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Over the years, we have realized that our culture is our heritage and African traditions are a significant part of our heritage. Are you curious to learn more about African traditional beliefs? Would you like to know about the spiritual beliefs of the ancient times, the diverse ethnic and cultural groups? Then you should read as many African traditional religious books as possible. This book gives you a very large insight into the foundation upon which all African morality, beliefs, culture, practices and ethics are built. Recently there has been a large shift towards the angle of Christianity, therefore ignoring the norms, cultures, and practices of African traditional religions but the African Traditional Religious Books go a long way in educating you on the impact of African culture globally, the fundamental issues and ideas that have shaped and is still defining African morality and theology. The issues of religion, community, morality, and ethics have a far-reaching impact on the religious life of Africans both within and outside the continent because they are deeply rooted in the whole belief and practice of the diverse cultures of Africa.