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It is really good to read books because they have a way of opening our minds to different cultures, people, lifestyles and ways of life. There is no better way to teach our kids about the world and the people that live in it than by encouraging them to read children fiction books which have stories that will keep them interested. The children & teen books on Jumia are well written so our kids can learn great lessons and pick up good traits that will serve them well while growing up. By reading books like the Wolf Girl, young ones can learn to deal with bullies in school & on the playground and they will be able to stand up for what is right. Give your little ones children fiction books to read, it is the best gift you can get them.

Children & Teen Books

Discover captivating children & teen fiction books online at Jumia like the ant boy series, gum girl, the betrayal and a host of others. These books have all it takes to keep kids intrigued, fascinated and hooked on for a very long time. Jumia brings you a large selection of children & teen books from top rated authors like Philip Begho, Mackler Carolyn, Horowitz Anthony and lots more. Keep your kids engaged and occupied during the summer season with lovely children fiction books from our online store that have excellent plot, well-written story and good morals. On Jumia we make it easy for you to buy children & teen books at the best price in Nigeria.