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Discover fiction stories on Jumia to get awesome joy and excitement when you get to read the book. These books are targeted at both children and adults and they have a way of motivating and enlightening the mind to the mysteries of the world. Take an adventure with the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the Chronicles of Narnia. Letting your kids read fiction books at an early age will make them sharper and mentally balanced. They will be able to grow up to love and cherish common human experiences. By reading these stories, our minds create characters and identify emotions that can be translated into reality. As the world keep evolving, it has given way to the age long tradition of reading fiction novels which was the pinnacle of past civilization.

Where to Buy Fiction Books in Nigeria

Jumia has a collection of fiction books for both the young and old. Enjoy the classic Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe or you can learn to be the lady your man wants by reading Act like a Lady and Think like a Man by Steve Harvey. Novels are a bit more explicit than movies so you will enjoy and appreciate every last detail. These novels will improve their literature and will get them speaking proper English. Take a trip into the world of the Mafia’s with the Godfather by Mario Puzo as there are fiction books for teens from primary to secondary school. Read and encourage others to do the same by getting books for them, it is the kindest thing to do.