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Buy Exercise bikes online in Nigeria at Jumia

Fitness and health is extremely important. One integral part of staying fit is exercising. Regular exercise has numerous benefits. It burns off calories and fat, make you leaner and stronger and improves your immune system. There are many machines at the gym which can burn off fat but few can rival an exercise bike. Stationary bikes are popular because they can be used by everyone, irrespective of their fitness levels. Be it for an intense workout or a steady state workout, a gym bike is a great machine. There are many fitness brands which manufacture fitness bikes. You can now get a stationary bike for sale online in Nigeria at the best prices right here at Jumia.

How to buy stationary bike

All exercises can be divided broadly into 2 categories, namely cardio and strength. Cardio is anything that increases your heart rate while strength training is what makes you strong. In strength training, you usually lift weights and build muscles. Cardio exercise is great for achieving a lean body and keeping the fat off. In a cardio exercise, a stationary bike is one of the best equipment you can choose. It gives you a great cardio workout and is flexible according to the fitness level of each individual. But to get optimal results, you need to purchase an exercise bike of the highest order. The following comprehensive guide will help you out in picking out an amazing cardio bike machine.

What to look for when buying bicycle exercise machine

First of all, let’s take a look at the different types of exercise machines:

Upright bikes:

The upright bike aims to imitate the movement of a real bike. The seat is high, unsupported and you can select different resistance levels to really challenge yourself. Most of these bikes have a small digital screen in front, allowing you to see the distance covered, speed, calories burnt, heart rate etc.

Recumbent bikes:

A recumbent bike is much lower in height than an upright bike and comes with back support. It does not offer as intense a workout as an upright bike but it is much more comfortable to use. The back support is great for all those people who suffer from lower back pains. Recumbent bikes also have a small monitor in the front which gives you a pretty good idea about your workout.

Spinner bikes:

A spinner bike offers a workout quite similar to a racing bike. The seat is really higher than the handle, making you bend down. You can also spin your bike in different directions. A spinner bike offers a much more intense workout than the other two forms of bikes. It is, therefore, aimed at people with advanced workout skills.


Only buy a bike if you are serious to burn fat. A lot of people invest in a bike only to not use it much often. On the other hand, if you are buying for a gym, then opt for a machine of the highest quality which is durable enough to survive the rough treatment in gym.