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Safety Comes First, Get the Best Security Systems at Jumia

Home security systems are one of the basic necessities in this present situation of the world where the crime rates are growing and it is a bitter reality. Countries like the Philippines where crimes such as robberies have been at its peak, every home needs a security alarm system. When you look at your home and family; the first thing comes to your mind is safety! If you are a working parent, when you leave home you expect to come back to a happy family. To have a secure and prosperous life you need a proper security system at home. People overlook and ignore the need of having home alarm systems which is a security measure that prevents burglary and thefts. These devastating events can lead to emotional trauma as well as financial loss. These home security systems can provide peace of mind, protection of property and your loved ones. Moreover, there are various types of security alarms available for the buyers to choose from. There is a wide range of alarm systems available for you at Jumia, shop securely with an easy installation guide and at an affordable price range.

Types of Security Systems available at Jumia

Series of elements when joined together can make up a security alarm system which includes a control panel, keypad, siren, motion detector, contacts and central monitoring systems. These are common in almost all the types of systems.

Monitored vs. non-monitored systems

Alarm system provider may charge a certain fee for protecting your house. This works when there is a threat of robbery. It gives signals to the central monitoring system and they call within 10 seconds by telephone or intercom system. The verifier identifies the owner with the code they have provided to the owner if they are unable to tell the right code, the operator calls the police. This kind of system is called a monitored or burglar alarm. Non-monitored are less expensive and this directly produces a siren and notifies police authorities without flashing a light even when the intruder trips off the alarm. There is no monthly fee attached but quick action from police is required. This system could be wired or wireless.

Motion Detectors

This type of alarm detects moving objects particularly people. This is also known as motion sensor alarms which often detects unusual activity and automatically performs the task. This motion detector alerts a user of a motion in an area and adds to great security value.


There are steps you need to take in order to prepare your home for installation. First, survey the home and find out how many doors and windows need protection. Find a convenient place to install the controls so you get hold of them in an emergency. The area near to doors would the best place to install the keypads. The most important step is to look for the right kind of alarm which fits your security needs. You can find almost all types of security systems on Jumia, with a few clicks you can get the desired security system to provide added security to your home.