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CAFINI CN-TY4226FM-BT Solar Energy Lighting System Kit 4 Bulbs FM Bluetooth - Black/Black

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Bina Solar

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Product details

Clean, Noiseless and free energy everywhere you go!


Energy poverty is an area of concern that tremendously affects billions of people globally. Those affected are forced to resort to alternative methods that have proven harmful to human life and the environment. E.g petrol and diesel generators.

In response to this dire and universal need, Cafini Energy reconciles with The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7 which is to ensure that all have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, renewable and modern energy.

Cafini is honoured and delighted to contribute to this noble cause by providing a wide range of affordable and reliable solar products. We encourage you to join us on this journey to an improved quality of life for everyone and a safer and sustainable environment by buying a Cafini Energy solar home lighting kit.

GET ONE and GIFT ONE TO A FRIEND OR FAMILY and keep the lights on.

Together we can light up the world.

This version of Cafini CN-TY4226FM-BT is loaded with 8 units of high-capacity lithium batteries for good performance. Listen to good quality sound on memory card, via Bluetooth or through three world band Radio featuring FM/AM/SW with physical high sensitivity telescopic antenna for clear and strong reception anywhere.

The build quality is super, sturdy and feels great to carry about. You will love it.


For faster Solar Charging, we recommend you get a larger panel that can do up to 1Amp/6Volts




  1. NEPA Charging – YES
  2. Solar Charging – YES
  3. Built-in Battery – 30000mAh
  4. Speaker – Yes
  5. Bluetooth – Yes
  6. MP3 Player – Yes
  7. FM/AM/SW Radio Receiver – Yes
  8. Head Lamp - Yes
  9. SD Memory Card Slot – Yes
  10. Satellite Lamp – Yes
  11. USB Charging Port – Yes, 2
  12. LED Body/Side Lamp – Yes
  13. Multi head USB charging cable – Yes
  14. Main Colours: Charcoal Black and Silver


Solar Panel Power – 3Watts/6Volts

Solar Panel Cable Length – 2.9M

Bulb Cable Length – 2.9M

Bulb Power/Type - Led

Electric Charger – Universal Micro-USB charging adaptor

Battery capacity – 30000mAh

DC Port Output Voltage – 6Volts

DC Port Size – 5.5mm Female Jack

USB Port – 2 X 5V, 500mA, Female Jack

Indicators – 4 Leds: 1 for Charging, 3 for battery level

Available DC Ports for Bulbs - 4



This product is used for lighting up your space, playing music from memory card, streaming music via Bluetooth, charging mobile devices.



Dear Esteemed Customer,


On receiving your order, Please Carefully Open this carton to prevent tear & damage. Keep it safe and neat until 10days.

Always recharge this device. The energy you put in from the sun or NEPA is the energy you get out to charge your phone and light your space.


Recharge! Recharge!! Recharge!!!

And again, I say Recharge



Thank you for your purchase.

With proper care, handling and usage, you will get the best and make the most of this kit.

As with all power device, this kit has a limited capacity and backup time.

Please Charge/Plug only one device/Phone at any given time so as not to overload this solar kit which could result in burning/damaging the inside panel/Charging board.

  1. The more things you connect, the shorter the power will last.
  2. Do not overload this device. Charge one phone at a time. At most two phones when you are not using the Lights.
  3. The USB port on the FM Radio Panel is for use with SD card reader and Flash Drives only. It is not for Charging phones. You could damage the FM radio panel if you charge phones on this USB port.
  4. Charge your phones and other devices using the USB port provided on the back panel
  5. This device is not waterproof. Do not use near water nor expose the unit to moisture
  6. For maximum charging and power generation, put the solar panel on the rooftop facing up.
  7. The solar panel is made of glass. So, secure the panel from falling
  8. If you notice any problem like smoke, burning smell, put the unit off and call for service
  9. Do not join wire or extend the light bulbs more than the factory wire length. It will reduce the brightness of the bulbs
  10. Keep this unit clean and handle with care. Place it on a stable surface to avoid falling. It is made of ABS plastic and can break if it falls
  11. Keep all packaging materials clean and intact. You may need it later to return this product.

If you need help, Call support





Do not charge this device using Tiger/I PASS MY NEIGHBOUR Generators as this could burn/damage the control panel in this device.

Only charge this device with the provided solar panel, a stable NEPA/PHCN power or a bigger generator that has in-built AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

Thanks for your patronage. We wish you a HAPPY Life

Please give us a ***** Rating and Positive feedback if you like this product. God bless you


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Key Features


  • Portable, efficient, durable and reliable
  • Two-way Charging via NEPA and Solar (SUN)
  • LED Body Lights and Remote Satellite Lights
  • Long-Lasting Lithium Ion Battery with 4 Led Battery Status Indicator
  • USB port for charging phone.
  • Efficient and Rugged Solar Panel
  • Bluetooth, FM, AM, SW Radio & SD Memory Card Slot

What’s in the box

Package Content

Solar Kit Main Unit – 1

Bulbs – 4

Solar Panel – 1 X 3Watts

Electric Charger Adaptor – 1

USB to Micro-usb charging cable - 1

Multi-head Phone Charging Cable - 1



  • Product Line: Bina Solar
  • Model: CN-TY4226FM-BT
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 24 X 18 X 20
  • Weight (kg): 2.32
  • Certifications: Eco Friendly
  • Color: Charcoal Black
  • Main Material: ABS
  • From the Manufacturer: None 
  • Care Label: None 
  • Shop Type: Jumia Mall

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4 out of 5

Love it

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28-09-2023by Paul
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The bulbs should be bigger in size for brighter light

28-08-2023by Aisha
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5 out of 5

I like it

I enjoyed it

28-08-2023by OYEBOLA
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CAFINI CN-TY4226FM-BT Solar Energy Lighting System Kit 4 Bulbs FM Bluetooth - Black/Black

CAFINI CN-TY4226FM-BT Solar Energy Lighting System Kit 4 Bulbs FM Bluetooth - Black/Black

₦ 45,000
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