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Purchase the best quality Towels, Mats & Robes On Jumia Nigeria


Towels are not just a bathing product item but are used every day for so many purposes. There are different materials from which towels are made in. Also, you can buy towels in Nigeria in different sizes and colors. Shoppers can select from big sized towels which are used after a bath, hand towels which come in handy after working out or medium sized ones which can be used after a swim. Jumia offers buyers with a massive collection of towels at affordable prices. There are a number of discount deals offered here that reduce the towels prices in Nigeria. You can easily purchase towels bundle sets or even get individual ones.

Door Mats

Doormats are accessories that all homes and offices should have and the good thing is that they can be gotten at really affordable prices online. A doormat, as the name implies, is usually placed in front of the door to a house or a building. But in many cases, they are also placed in front of doors to offices in a building, rooms, and bathrooms in a house. Deciding to get a doormat for your home shouldn’t be an option. Rather, it should be quite important. And this is for a myriad of reasons. If you are someone who receives visitors a whole lot, you probably know how hard it is to deal with the specks of dirt that could come with their shoes. Having to tidy up every now and then may not be so easy and could be frustrating as well especially as you cannot get them to take off their shoes. However, with doormats, you will not need to bother about this at all because they ensure that they take on the dirt that could be coming on from the shoes of your visitors. Bathroom doormats have also proven to be a valuable belonging in the home. This is because they do well at keeping your house from being messy. After being done in the bathroom or toilet, you should have a doormat right in front to keep your feet from spreading water everywhere.


A robe is a must-have accessory required for a comfortable day. Either cozying up at home or getting ready, fine quality, luxury robes are the best way to spoil themselves. Different robes, made of lightweight fabric with their flattering silhouettes are a perfect cover for every season. Having alluring designs, different robes can perfectly fit to suit your lifestyle. With so many different companies making robes, it is difficult to choose the right one. Some robes are fashionable, while others are used for practical purposes such as comfort or for protecting yourself from a chill. A luxurious robe can be a great gift for your wife, mother or friend.