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Buy Scanfrost Refrigerators On Jumia Nigeria

Your refrigerator keeps groceries fresh, chills drinks and lets you freeze food to use when it suits you. It is a daily need of everyone. Dawlance provides a wide range of freezers and refrigerators satisfying different customer needs. However given such a large pool of choices, it becomes difficult to choose. Jumia provides a checklist to help the potential customer out of the web of choices:

Check the kitchen space and household size

It is highly imperative to measure the three-dimensional area of the kitchen where you want to keep the freezer or the refrigerator. Before you allocate the space for the fridge, make sure that the other appliances and kitchen utilities, as well as your own mobility, still has enough space when adding the refrigerator. However, this might not be an issue if you plan on to keep the fridge at some other place of the house like a garage or a relatively vacant room adjacent to the kitchen. Moreover, it is also important to account for the number of members in the house. The size of the fridge is contingent upon the needs of the overall household. The following can be used as a tentative rule of thumb when choosing fridge capacity:

1–2 people – 250–285L.

3–4 people – 342–450L.

5 or more – 450L+;

Range of Scanfrost Refrigerators configurations

Top freezer

It is most commonly used in Nigeria. It has the freezer on the top. You have to bend down to get the groceries and other things of regular kitchen needs which may be an issue for some users.

Bottom Freezer

Scanfrost provides a solution to this problem by introducing bottom freezer. As the name itself suggests, the freezer is located at the bottom. Its biggest advantage is that the things which are of regular usage are right in front of the eye in the refrigerator. You don’t have to bend down every time you open the fridge to get vegetables, fruits or any other stored product.


Scanfrost has been keeping in pace with the innovations in the marketplace. Side-by-side units split the fridge right down the middle, offering frozen foods on the left and fresh foods on the right. Some models offer equal space for both sections while others allocate an extra couple of inches for the fridge

French Door-Bottom Mount freezer with two door fridge

It offers a lot of space and has features available like water dispensers and ice cubes. Bulk foods and large food plates can easily fit in. You might want to buy it if you have a big family and also can own more money!

Regular deep freezer

Deep freezers have lost popularity because of a large amount of space they occupy. However they now come with variable sizes and new features and suit to the needs of some segments of the population.

Diversity of prices and functionalities

Depending on the size, shape and the control features, the prices of refrigerators and freezers vary. Nowadays, features like mechanical temperature control both separately for fridge and freezer as well as combine control are available. Some fridges have a 24-hour memory that monitors door openings and also maintains cooling for hours in case of power breakdowns. This can be worth consideration while making a purchase keeping in view the load shedding in the country. Making a decision and purchasing with Jumia with Cash on Delivery! Considering your need and the budget matrix will make it easier for you to decide and don’t you worry about the delivery. Jumia has been maintaining an excellent record of on-time fast track home delivery. With delivery, comes the customer reliability-our valuable asset.