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Buy Women’s Flip Flops On Jumia Nigeria.

Shoes are perhaps the most essential aspect of a woman’s wardrobe. A woman’s overall look can be made or marred by a pair of shoes. Nowadays, there is literally a flood of options available in women’s shoes ranging from high heels and peep toes for formal wear to slip-on and sandals for casual wear. One such type of shoes is the flip-flop which typically comprises a Y-shaped strap that helps to steady the foot.

Types of Women’s Flip Flops Online In Nigeria.

At Jumia Nigeria, you can find the largest variety of flip-flops:

Zori Flip Flops The original zori flip flops were made out of a stray and rice and were made specifically for women for indoor use. The zori style flip flops in the modern day come with a rubber bottom and Japanese flowers as adorning elements to represent their origin.

Jandal Flip Flops The jandal flip-flops have done a big role in expanding the flip-flop market. The jandals were the first flip-flops to bring the idea of wearing flip-flops outside of the home. These are worn most popularly on the beach, at the pools, in warmer and at the casual settings. The jandals have been and yet remain one of the most popular casual shoes for men all over the world.

Thongs The thongs are sandals but in a flip-flop style. These shoes are made especially for women and come in many different styles to suit different footwear preferences. The thongs come with many different styles to accommodate a variety of preferences. The great comfort level of thongs is the reason why they are considered a big choice for women all over the world.

Comfort Flip Flops As the name clearly suggests, the comfort flip-flops are manufactured with the intention of providing greatest comfort to the feet. They usually come with extremely soft footbeds and are shaped to fit the curves of a woman’s feet.