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Buy Women’s High Heels Shoes Online in Nigeria

High heels that usually measure above 3.5 inches in height, have the ability to give high confidence to women especially who are self-conscious. Although some women find it difficult to wear and coordinate high heels yet they love buying them and trying them out at special events and occasions. Being the largest online marketplace in Nigeria, Jumia makes sure that its sellers are the leading retailers of women’s heels shoes in Nigeria. You can not only get the most competitive women’s shoe prices at Jumia but can also make price comparisons of various sellers from across the country and be the judge for pricing yourself. There are many different types of high-heeled pumps for women. The women wearing them feel taller and confident than ever. The high-heels have the ability to elongate the legs and draw attention to calves. Jumia’s guide on buying ladies heels in Nigeria will help you to make a perfect choice.

Types of Ladies High Heel Shoes Available at Jumia

As mentioned above, Jumia offers the largest collection of women’s high heel shoes in Nigeria. You can find medium or very high heels in all sizes, shapes and with different designs to suit your footwear requirements. The types of ladies high heel shoes available at Nigeria’s largest online shopping community include:

Stiletto Heels:

The stiletto heels are the highest of all heels as they measure up to 8 inches in height. These very tall and thin heels are worn usually with knee-length shorts or skirts,. They can also be worn with any other shorter dresses. These super high heel shoes for women are suitable only for women with a slimmer build.

Kitten Heels:

The kitten heels are the lowest kind of heels for women. They are usually as low as 1 to 1.5 inches. The kitten heels were designed for teaching women about how they can wear heels. They can be worn with any kind of outfits. The brands like Jessi Girl and Zara manufacture kitten heels in different designs and sizes.


These are women’s shoes with wider and shorter heels that range from 2 inches to 3 inches in height. The heels of pumps need to be at least two inches high to be a pump. They are low-cut in the front and come with rounded as well as pointed toes. The pumps are also known as the ‘dress shoes’ and are worn at both, casual and dressy occasions.

Sling Back Heels:

As the name suggests, these shoes come with straps over the heel that help to secure the shoe onto the foot and make walking easier and convenient for women. The slingback heels are usually two inches high or more with pointed or rounded toes as per design. Due to the ease, they provide to the feet, many women prefer buying them.

Cone Heels:

The cone heels are broader at the sole. They usually get slimmer when they get closer to the ground. The cone heels come in many different designs with different heel heights.