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Buy Wedding earrings for women in Nigeria at Best Prices

Jumia is the largest online shopping community where you can buy all kinds of wedding earrings for women and all other kinds of jewellery at the best prices. The country’s leading online mall is a home to a comprehensive range jewellery for women. There is no doubt about the fact that earrings are among the most appreciated and preferred women’s jewellery in Nigeria, which is why Jumia makes sure that the leading retailers of jewellery in Nigeria are onboard with Jumia. The customers get complete freedom to make price comparisons of products offered by all sellers and choose the best deals. Whether you are in search of artificial or diamond earrings, Jumia’s guide on buying the right earrings can help you get the best out of your hard-earned money.

Types of Women’s Earrings You Can Buy at Jumia

At Jumia online mall you can buy the range of earrings you have always wanted to. The most popular three kinds of earrings every woman appreciates include:


The studs are known as the most popular kind of earrings that can be bought. They have a small component that fits into the earlobes and penetrates straight through the ear. Instead of a hook, a post is used for attaching studs to the ear.


The hoops come in round or oval shapes. These earrings may vary in terms of sizes from half an inch to several inches in diameter. Post, thin wire or studs are used for attaching hoops to the ear. This kind of earrings are suitable for wearing in all kinds of social settings with all kinds of outfits.

Drops and dangles:

The drops and dangles are among another kind of earrings worn by many women around the world. The difference between drops and the dangles is that drops have fixed components whereas the dangles have components that swing when you move or walk around. Just like hoops, this kind of earrings fit into all kinds of settings. Whether you are attending casual parties or you are heading for formal events, the drop and dangles can help you make a statement with your outfit.

Buy Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Many different things need to be taken into consideration while buying earrings for those who have sensitive ears. The jewellery made out of substandard material can cause a great deal of irritation to the ears and can even lead infection. According to the medical experts, the earrings manufactured out of surgical grade alloys are safest for the ears. Sellers at Jumia jewellery shop make sure that your earrings are made out of safest metals. Jumia online shopping community has onboard, all the popular retailers of jewellery in Nigeria. The country’s renowned online shopping platform is where you can make a price comparison, find seller ratings and write customer reviews to figure out which the best deal is for necklaces for women and all other kinds of jewellery. Moreover, you get free shopping of all your earrings, necklaces and bracelets for women across Nigeria along with cash on delivery as the mode of payment.