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The Asus Ultrabook in Nigeria is here!

Asus is the multinational electronics giant located in Taiwan and due to its immense popularity, it is preferred by many people across a large number of countries in the world. Asus is famous for producing a number of products in its range that include computers with its related equipment and various multimedia products. Asus has taken up to produce the Ultrabook which is one of the leading technologies in the world right now. Asus is offering a compact and lightweight laptop that is packed with all the features of a regular laptop but is highly portable and convenient. The best part is that they weigh less than 1.5 kg. Jumia is offering a wide range of these ultrabooks and Zenbooks to the wide customer base at the best prices possible.

Everything you need to know about the Ultrabook!

The Asus Ultrabook specifications are out of this world. It will provide you with a new age experience when it comes to your computing device. These devices are best suited for people who are looking to buy a device that they can easily carry around and store. Many students and professionals love to buy this as it gives them a highly portable option. The Zenbook offers superior picture quality that gives magnificent details of the picture on a screen. It has IPS technology that gives it accurate colours when viewed from any point on the screen. You can choose from 4K, UDH, 2560 x 1440 or Full HD Resolution displays. It is powered by Intel Core processors that offer multitasking capabilities and high energy efficiency. The graphics are superior and give the best pictures, HD videos, playback and much more. The processor also offers fast speeds and quick working of the computer. Most of these are found on the ASUS Taichi Ultrabook. It has a multi-touch option which makes life easier and more fun with this device. The multi-touch display lets you work with your fingertip to control the elements of the screen. Open documents, control multimedia or use applications, there is something for everyone. This works best on the 14-inch ASUS touchscreen Ultrabook. All Ultrabooks give cinematic sound quality that is combined with SonicMaster technology to give high sound quality to its users. It has audio processing software that allows delivering of good sounds, high bass and a wide frequency range.

Finding what you need at Jumia!

We have something for everyone right here. Consider Jumia to be your Asus online store. Scroll through our wide range to find what you need. You can type in the search bar, “13 inch Asus Zenbook” and you will get multiple options to choose from. All products are absolutely genuine and are being offered by verified sellers. If you have trouble understanding something, then you can ask the seller directly regarding it. So don’t wait and choose the product that you want. After you order, just sit back and wait till you receive it. Another thing for you to enjoy is our cash on delivery feature. Have an amazing shopping experience with us!