For all Jumia First mobile products confirmed before 12:30PM on May 31st-June 4th, 2016, Jumia will guarantee 2 business days for attempt for delivery in Lagos only. If you are not contacted within 2 business days, please let us know and we will send you a N2000 voucher.

How to apply?

If you believe you are eligible for this offer and do not receive a voucher from Jumia within 7 days of delivery, please contact us at [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Order #
  3. Final invoice received after delivery

After receipt of your email, it will be investigated by our management center, and you will receive email confirmation the validity of your file, provided that it meets these eligibility conditions of the offer and conditions for participation. Any illegible, incomplete application, clearly fraudulent, do not respect the conditions or terms of participation of the offer will be considered void and you will an notification of your ineligibility to this deal. can not be held responsible for non-receipt requests due to problems beyond their control (postal strike, poor distribution, poor targeting, default internet connection participant, ...).

Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is only valid for Jumia First mobile phones confirmed between May 31st to June 4th 2016 in LAGOS ONLY (Jumia’s Mobile Week).
  2. Jumia will only guarantee attempt of delivery for orders confirmed before 12:30PM on specified days.
  3. Please note that business days are between Monday to Friday. If you order is placed on Friday before 12PM, Jumia will guarantee attempt for delivery by Tuesday at 6PM. The offer excludes weekend dates (June 4-5, 2016)
  4. Confirmed order implies you have received an phone call or confirmation email notifying you that your order is being processed.
  5. Attempt for delivery means Jumia will contact you for delivery by the following means: You will receive an SMS or phone call notifying you that delivery is ready to be made.
  6. This offer is only available for home delivery, does not include pick up stations
  7. Jumia will not be held liable if you are unavailable for your order during initial contact for delivery and you will be ineligible for this offer.
  8. This offer is only available for customers who delivery is in Lagos
  9. For all claims, Jumia will check and confirm no contact was made via call or SMS before granting the voucher. If your claim is found to be ineligible, Jumia will notify you via email 48 hours after receipt of your mail.
  10. The value of the voucher is N2000 and are valid for up to (1) month for purchasing any item on
  11. Jumia will automatically send vouchers to customers within 7 days of delivery. First set of vouchers will be sent on June 6th, 2016.

Terms of use of the right of repayment

Jumia will send N2000 voucher to all customers found to be eligible for this offer. Each voucher has a validity of one month from the date of issue. Vouchers will be provided by Jumia by email to the address used when ordering,the vouchers are valid only on Please note: vouchers provided by cannot be combined with other vouchers during purchasing. The voucher will be sent within 7 days of delivery date. If you do not receive your voucher in that time period, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Contact You can contact our customer management center by e-mail at the following address: [email protected].