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A kitchen is a very vital part of a house as it is a place where meals are prepared and sometimes eaten. Therefore, the kitchen utensils such as spoons, knives, forks, wooden spoons, plates, frying pans, pots and other kitchen utensils must be kept clean, they must be washed thoroughly after they have been used in order to avoid any form of bacteria. Washing, wiping and basic cleaning of your kitchen equipment with the right products helps to improve hygiene in the household and reduce any form of contacting or contaminating bacteria which could be harmful to your health. Since food is prepared in the kitchen it is very important that all the tools used in the kitchen are washed and cleaned properly to avoid any form of disease spread or food poison which is mostly gotten from raw foods especially when it comes in contact with other types of food. To ensure that the kitchen utensils like knives, pots, chop boards, spoons, forks, plates are kept clean from time to time, there are different tools needed to wash and clean these utensils. For Iron pots, pan and other iron utensils, iron or stiff sponges, soap, water are needed to wash thoroughly. Various kitchen utensils require various sponges and scrubs to be used to wash these items as we have iron utensils, wooden utensils, metallic utensils as well as ceramic utensils.

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At Jumia, we offer you various sponges and scrubs used for different kitchen utensils and for the kitchen in general, it ranges from Dish Sponge Scouring Family Kitchenware Pan Bowl Washing Cleaning Pad, Generic Creative 2pcs Cloud Shape Sponge Kitchen Cleaning Dishcloth, Generic Creative 2PCS Dolphin Decontamination Sponge Cleaning Kitchen Dishcloth. You could choose from the various options available on our platform depending on your preference. Shop on Jumia for all kinds of Sponges at very affordable prices.