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Celebrate the Game with Jumia

Yes, the world’s most awaited football biggest tournament is here again, it happens every four years and it is the most anticipated event at the moment all over the world. The chance to be a part of it, root for your country and stay up to date with every action this event will bring is hard to pass by. This year's cup promises to be very exciting, with a lot of talents out there, your favourite footballers and idols will grace the event. Just because you ain’t in Russia doesn’t mean you can’t be in the mood for the game. Jumia is celebrating the game with all the products needed to get you through every goal, dribbles, and frenzy atmosphere that comes with the tournament. Football is that game that has a way of bringing people together, irrespective of your race, tribe, country, age, and class. The height of this competition is the unwavering loyalty of fans to their number one team, some fans are travelling all the way to Russia to support their favorite team, if you are unable to go all the way, not to worry, Jumia has got you covered.
You can Celebrate the participation of your team in the games by buying Jerseys, sportswear, t-shirt, polos, hand bands, headbands, soccer boots, scarfs and so on On Jumia. Watch every action on high definition with top quality televisions, never miss a live moment with durable power generators at best prices. We provide you with a large collection of the football items mentioned above regardless of the team you are in support of, so you don't have to worry about not finding items that you can use to identify with your team.Don’t miss out on the daily flash sales where you get amazing price slashes on products. Jumia provides you with all that is required to enjoy this tournament’s season, all you need to do is shop for all the items you would be needing to support your favorite team and expect a quick delivery to your location at an affordable price.