Pure 13MP Front Camera

The 83° wide angle 13MP front camera takes
wider views. Its 5P lens reflects true colours and
takes a more vivid world. New technology has
been used to improve the image quality.

83° Degrees Wide Angle Selfie

The 83° front camera holds more people, 20% wider than the Samsung S6

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13MP 120-degree
Panoramic Mode

The front camera takes 120° panoramic
view and shoots 10 people together.

Quick Snap

Camon C9 features quick-snap button and auto-focus,
capturing all greatest moments.

Centered Front Camera
Better Selfie

The front camera centers in the upper
part of the phone, which ensures the
selfie to be natural and vivid.

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15 Lux Natural Flashlight

Camon C9 has the same high-end
front flash as the Camon C8 does.

1.34um Super Sensitive Area

The camera’s sensitive area is 15% wider than
that on the iPhone 6s Plus and 35% than the Samsung S6

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Coaxial 6P Optical Lens

Compared to Camon C8, Camon C9 has
one more lens, filters 50% more parasit-
ic light and obtains 16% improvement
in color reproduction.

Excellent Capture 2.0

It enhances photos automatically
and creates professional retouched

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8 Natural Makeup Styles

8 makeup styles are available to beautify
pictures. 6 options are provided to edit
pictures, including filter, rotating, cutting,
blurring, moderating and mosaic.

Night Mode

The powerful night mode enables
you to take vivid and bright photos
at night.

Eye Scanner

The TECNO Camon C9 is equipped
with biometric iris recognition sensor
technology that quickly scans your
iris to unlock your phone easily and

Octa-Core, 2GB RAM

Camon C9, with its 8-core, enables you to enjoy functionality like
better multitasking. With its 2GB RAM, you can run as many apps
as possible with no lag or crash.

3.5mm Super Slim

Visual depth of the Camon C9 is only
3.5mm, the slimmest.

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3000mAh Large Battery

Camon C9 can take 75,000 photos or play
videos for 6.5hrs continuously. Standby
time can be up to 200hrs.


T-band is a revolutionary smart band being launched
with the Camon C9 simultaneously. It assists long
distance shooting, monitors sleep patterns and steps.

HiOS, Based on Android 6.0

The HiOS has been upgraded
and it’s based on Android 6.0.
It will bring you a more interactive experience
and it’s more user friendly.