Ramadan Mega Sale: Where to Find Ramadan Essentials Online in Nigeria?

Jumia Ramadan Mega Sale runs from 20-26th April 2020. It's that time of the year again when Muslim faithful all around the country and all over the world will observe the 30 days fasting. During this holy month, we will offer you all your Ramadan essentials that will make your fasting and praying month a no-hassle one. Whatever you are looking for during this season of holiness, you will get them right here without breaking a sweat.

Get Beverages Online at Affordable Prices.

Enjoy the best deals on all your Ramadan beverages such as non-alcoholic malt drinks, like Maltina, Malta Guinness, Hi-malt, Amstel Malta in both pet bottles or can.

Shop Ramadan Grains and Rice Online at Reasonable Prices.

Shop a wide variety of low-cost fibre-rich whole grains and rice. If you are in lockdown and you are planning at stocking up your kitchen or home with foodstuff, that will keep you and your family going while the fasting lasts.

Discover Pasta and Sauce at The Lowest Prices.

Never miss out on your favourite meal during the fasting season. While the fasting period is not the time to eat a heavy meal, the pasta will be your go-to meal if you are planning to eat light. Get your Macaroni, Spaghetti, Noodles from top brands.

Find Large Collection Of Oil and Seasoning in Nigeria.

Discover plenty of edible, healthy and heart-friendly vegetable and palm oil. We've got covered with finest and world's most trusted oil makers like King's, Sunola, Soya Oil and many other products. These items are affordable and cost-friendly products to shop.

Order Milk and Breakfast Products in Nigeria.

Buy evaporated, powdered and full cream instant liquid milk online at the best prices in town. Take or drink your pap with a nutritious chocolate drink with your favourite milk. There is plenty of trusted brand to choose from like Peak, Dano, Cowbell and more.