I will be
I will be
I will spend time
with family and friends
I will
look good & feel great
I will be
clean & organized
I will
invest in myself

Jumia New Year Resolutions

What are you looking for? Let's make it happen with Jumia and if you are in the mood this season for new statement pieces that will meet your new year resolution, you can rest assured that we got you covered.

To reach your resolution in the new decade, we have carefully taken the pleasure in picking some of the most amazing pieces that will help you reach your set goal in the year 2020 with a bunch of mouth-watering offer. What is your resolution? Name them and we will help you reach them. We are here to help you start your year with the very best of products you can find out there.

If one of your goals include getting fit by working out at the gym, jogging, exercising and other fitness-related activities. You can be certain that whatever you need to stay fit in 2020 we have them right here online at the biggest and largest mall in Nigeria. We have a wide range of sporting accessories including sports clothing, gym equipment and more at the most affordable prices.

Stay healthy this year with a wide range of supplementary diet. We have a different type of nutritional products that will help you meet your target. Are you a man or woman looking for the latest fashion or searching for products that will help you to feel good and at the same time look great this year? Check out some of our top fashion pick that will completely transform how you feel or look. We have affordable men's grooming devices and some amazing makeup kits for women that want to look their best always.

If one of your new year resolutions is to spend time with your family and friend, and you do not know how to go about? We have got some tips for you. All you need to do is for you to get the latest board or card games at home that you and your loved ones can always play together while you bonding. Apart from the card or board games, we also believe you a video game would not be a bad way to share a beautiful moment with family and friends. So, why don't you get one of the latest PlayStation or the Xbox video game console for an amazing gaming experience?

Enjoy massive discounts on a range of home appliances such as home theatre system, refrigerator, TVs. Whether you are interested in a large screen or small screen TV with smart features, it does not matter what your interests are. We have a different type of amazing devices that will surely meet your aspiration for the new year irrespective of your budget.

This year make sure you invest in yourself by reading educational books, get motivated by top motivational speakers. We have many family and lifestyle books that will help shape your mind at reasonable prices.

Get organised this year with different types of closet, kitchen and laundry organisers. Get your dish done seamlessly with affordable cleaning supplies.