InnJoo One Smartphone

InnJoo has delivered yet again another outstanding smartphone which boasts amazing features and a sleek design. It offers a stunning display and a sturdy build. Having been integrated with a powerful processor, the InnJoo One guarantees high performance while conserving power and its highly efficiently battery ensures long use. It supports 3G network so super fast connection is assured at all times. The camera of the InnJoo One has been built for capturing beautiful images so whether it is the 5MP front camera or the 13MP back camera, you will be able to relive all your fun moments. It comes preinstalled with useful applications that will keep you engaged and with its crafted metal frame and strong glass, this new design from InnJoo will blow your mind. Register today and be the first to know about the availability of the InnJoo One in Nigeria and on Jumia. This is a smartphone you are definitely going to love.

InnJoo Phone

The customized InnOS allows you to get a true InnJoo HD feel. On board is the InnStore where you can update the phone with the latest applications and games, InnCloud which offers unlimited storage space and InnBrowser which gives you access to all websites. Do more on the InnJoo One smartphone; it has been built for high performance. It measures 6.9mm in thickness and weighs 123g which makes it not only comfortably to handle but also handy to carry around. This is the perfect smartphone for work and play. To enjoy an exclusive feel and A-level experience, all you need do is sign up today. The InnJoo will surely light up your world and keep you connected with friends and family.