5 Min Charge: 200 Min Talk

5 min charge: 200mins talk has been realized by the inclusion
of duo 4.5A charging engines with PE+2.0 technology promoting a fast and
safe charging process.

Aerospace Cooling Technology (ACT)
Far Beyond Your Imagination

Infinix NOTE 3 Aerospace Cooling Technology utilizes technology originally developed for cooling satellites with the
inclusion of copper pipes built into the NOTE 3 that carry fluid through the device as a method of preventing overheating.
When overheating, the fluid evaporates and the extra heat is circulated as water vapor. Note 3 is the premiere use of ACT
in an Infinix mobile device providing both faster and more efficient charging.

Amazing 4500mAh Battery,
Amazing Longevity

Utilizing innovative XOS power saving features, you can now experience the
amazing longevity of NOTE3 with more than two days of battery life. Boasting a
unique combination of ACT, a 45000mAh battery, and XCharge 3.0; NOTE 3 can
be fully charged in only 99 minutes. The powerful 4500mAh battery has been
packed into a compact 0.9mm body and holds a capacity ratio of 651Wh/L, a
huge design innovation compared with previous generations in the NOTE series.

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Feast Your Eyes, 6-inch Full HD

A large six inch 1080p screen provides a high resolution 367ppi viewing experience,
compared to 245ppi with NOTE 2. Experience a more powerful viewing impact with more
detail and a larger viewing angle.

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Capture the World on Your Finger

Unlock your NOTE 3 in only 0.25 seconds with the simple touch of one finger. The fingerprint key provides
not only secure identification, but also the ability to capture wonderful moments with the main camera
and when taking a perfect selfies.


Front Soft Flash

Powerful 13MP+5MP Cameras
Memorize Every Moment

Combining front soft LED and back high-brightness duo LED lights, both the main and front-facing cameras include
built-in blue glass to avoid flare and to capture the pefect crystal-clear moments even in harsh lighting conditions. The
main NOTE3 camera also provides PDFA auto-focus technology to capture sharp images in less than 0.25s.

Premium Design, Superior Quality

Starting from the impressive power saving advantages to the premium compact design; NOTE 3 also includes a terrific textured
back cover built from high-end avaition-quality aluminum. Our engineers have selected the most pure materials in designing
NOTE 3 to create a high-quality handling experience.

Authentic Duo-SIM, Duo-Standby

NOTE 3 provides 3 card slots: 2 SIM card slots and one external memory card slot with support for a 128GB TF card.
Now, you never need to compromise your calls or storage due to limitations: talk more and get more.

Feast Your Ears, AAC Stereo

NOTE 3 includes select high-quality speaker components from leading sound technology producers AAC Technologies.
NOTE 3 allows you to experience sounds and songs like never before with a 1cc sound chamber providing full-dimension
stereo sound.

Amazing, Astonishing Again

We explore further; We go deep; We find more. We chase to design boundary;
We also care about the balance of beauty and power.
We dedicate on innovation. We try the best to make you happy.

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XOS is an Infinix exclusive customized operating system
based on Android M. Providing an excellent interactive
experience with innovative features such as custom
themes, smart cleanup, XPower, and Freezer. XOS will
personalize your mobile experience while also
decreasing power consumption by at least 30%.