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Sony PSP Games On Jumia Nigeria.

Video games have been in existence for several decades and are quite popular among gamers. There are several devices on which one can play games. As time passed, people started to look for devices that do not need to be plugged into the switch. Gaming consoles need proper TV systems and other things to operate properly while portable play stations can be carried about. They are basically handheld devices used for gaming.

Types Of Sony PSP Gaming Consoles.

There are several types of portable game consoles, However before you get one it is important to know the brand that you need as they are produced by different brands and they all have different features. The most popular ones are Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. They were the first companies to introduce portable gaming consoles.

PSP 2000 This model is known for its slim and light design all over the world. This design is light in weight as compared to the rest of portable consoles. This device has Skype and Wi-Fi capabilities.

PSP 3000 This model has an upgraded LCD screen with more colors which give the user the ultimate graphics experience. The display resolution is better with five times more contrast ratio. The screen is less blurry while playing games. Also as compared to the previous model, this has extra and new buttons, a disc tray and even a microphone.

PSP E1000 This device has a built-in speaker system that gives the ultimate gaming experience with a headset on. There are different buttons and a power switch on this model. The only downfall is that there is no Skype and also no internet connection options.

PSP Go This is one of the first devices that have Bluetooth options. With a 3.8 inch screen and slim body structure, this device helps gamers enjoy playing games. This model has an anti-reflective coating that prevents fatigue in the eyes while playing. Also with an internal 16 GB space, one can store all games in it.