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Whether you are using a smartphone or a feature phone, a sim card is an important requirement for all to make phone calls or to attend them. This piece of technology is used in the phones to communicate and make connections with the server system. These sim cards can be replaced and transferred from one phone to another. They are able to store data in a phone, be it contacts, photos, music, videos, etc. Online shopping of sim cards from various telecommunication companies is available at Jumia. There are also sim cards available for dual smartphones, feature phones, etc.

Sim cards prices in Nigeria are quite affordable at Jumia so that they are accessible to a large number of people. A sim card is necessary for all those who have a cell phone without which the cell phone won’t be of much use.

Types of sim cards available in the market

Since there is a huge variety of cell phones in the market, there are also different types of sim cards. Due to the advancement of technology, these sim cards are now available in different sizes to be compatible with the phones. Standard sim cards: These are the sim cards with the original size. These are manufactured for older phones that do not have much functions and features. These type of sim cards are also dual in many phones and can be easily placed in the slot.

Micro sim card: A major variety of smartphones use this type of sim cards. It is smaller in size than the standard card. Its measurements are 15 to 12mm in size.

Nano sim cards: These are the most advanced form of sim cards which have a very small size. This type of sim card is used in the latest phones like iPhone 6 or 6Plus, Samsung Note 5, HTC M8, etc. The size of this sim card is 12.3 and 8.8mm.

Accessories used for sim cards

Sim cutter: A sim card cutter is a device that cuts the sim to either the size of a micro sim or a nano sim. Many of the devices include a double sim cutter so that you may cut the sim to whichever size you want. These devices cut the sim with precision to the accurate size. They are made of stainless steel and are hard enough to handle cutting of the sim without deformations. These cutters are easy to use. You can place the sim card into the cutter which has different sizes of trays. When the sim is inside the tray of the required sim size, then press the cutter. You will get the sim size you want.

Sim adapters: In many of the smartphones, once the sim is placed, it is impossible to take it out by disassembling the body of the phone. You can only take the sim out by using a sim adapter. You can buy a multi sim adapter which will be used for all sizes of Sims. The length of the adapter is small and the pointy thickness is based on the hole beside the sim tray on the phone.