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Modern office electronics, peripherals and accessories like fax machines, answering machines, keyboards, printers, scanners, business card readers, telephones, calculators, and the Internet all make corporate life much easier. That is because tasks can be performed at a fraction of the time it usually takes to complete them. Work can be completed more efficiently because of automation and beauty brought about by such smart gadgets. Jumia brings you a range of office accessories and peripherals that will provide organization as well as brighten up your workspace. With computing accessories like wireless keyboard and mouse, you can do more with ease.

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Choose from our wide range of Laptop Accesories, printers, wired and wireless mouse and keyboards from a wide range of brands such as Acer, TP-Link, Apple, BenQ, Cisco, Dell, HP, LG, Lenovo, Microsoft and Samsung. As you can see we have all your favourite brands at Jumia! We have you covered when it comes to all your peripherals and office accessories. Jumia is the place for all your accessories and peripherals whether for PC or Apple MAC! Get all your keyboards and printers for your home and business with Jumia Nigeria’s No.1 Online Retailer and pay on delivery. Online stores are the way of the future for buying your Books, Phones, Electronics, Toys and more at the click of a button. Buy Computer Peripherals and Accessories Online.