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Non Alcoholic Drinks Online

The Alcohol-Free Store online is for people that want refreshments and want to use them as mixers for alcoholic drinksor those that just want soft drinks . Basically they are alternatives to alcohol. Jumia wants to provide choice by offering zero and non-alcoholic drinks. So for all your parties and sit-outs shop on jumia Nigeria for all your different types of refreshments and drinks

Zero Alcohol Drinks on Jumia

With Jumia Nigeria you can enjoy the best alcohol-free, zero-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks delivered directly to your door! Here at Jumia, we have a wide selection of mixers and soft drinks. Whether you desire cocktail, fruit juices or water, Jumia is your one stop shop for all types of non alcoholic drinks online.
Browse through our site for variety of Mixers and Soft Drinks for everything from juices to ready to drink soft drinks, allow us help you find what you need.