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Neolife Beta Guard Broad Spectrum Antioxidant

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Product details

DETOXIFICATION PROGRAMME WITH BETA GUARD We live majorly in polluted environment; with harsh chemicals, preservatives, and additive-free world. These has caused many their Liver and Kidneys not performing adequately.Living in highly society full of exhaust gases from vehicles, colorants and preservatives from our foods, chlorine in the water I and you consume daily. Our detoxifying organs; our Liver and Kidneys are filled with excess toxins which they are unable to cope with. Free radicals from pollution, smog and other toxins.Toxins staying in our bodies for too long will have a negative influence on our health. Noticeable Symptoms like;Frequent headaches Lack of energy.
Your hair starts becoming dull.
Your skin is not looking well.
Some spark-ups in your sugar levels; risk of causing Diabetes - Type 11 Blurry visions sometimes
BETA GUARD shall help you neutralize carcinogens. Releases heavy metal poisons out of our bodies. Cleanse us by detoxifying the entire organs of the body. Developed by SAB Founding Member, Dr. Arthur Furst; the father of chemotherapy. Beta Guard helps to detoxify the glands and the organs and our tissues. Cleanses us up right from the brain to the circulatory lymph system. Providing protections against free radicals. Strengthens our body tissues and membrane; thereby increases our body's resistance against sicknesses and diseases. Heals mucous membranes and increases the resistance of these membranes against Infection. Protects our lungs against infections .Good for treatments of all oxidation related diseases; e.g removal of cataracts. Beta Guard and Vita Guard to take Off Toxins and Free Radicals Immunity Wellness Products to Strengthen your body's natural defences. Protective nutrients from concentrated fruits and vegetables to enhance immune function and resistance to day to day challenges. Contains antioxidants protections from Vitamin A, C, and E and key minerals such as Zinc and Selenium protecting your children against sicknesses.

Beta Guard detox supplement is a complete antioxidant and detoxifier ever for weight loss Promotes the body's natural detoxifying processes. Helps guard your health against environmental and free radical challenges. Delivers B-vitamins that assist in detoxifying environmental pollutants. Includes zinc, GTF chromium and selenium, which have been shown to play an important role in the body's response to heavy metal exposure. Our daily diet does not make provision to protect us against harmful substances and against air pollution to which we are all exposed to. Oxidation and toxic pollution contains free radicals which are the main causes of cancer formation. NAFDAC REG. NO. A7-1206


Key Features

Wide spectrum formation making Beta Guard very versatile providing protection against free radicals, oxidation and toxic pollution.Strengthen tissues and membrane; this increases resistance against sickness and disease.Counteracts the influence of TOXIC metals.Kidneys remove e.g. Toxic colorants in food and therefore kidneys must be "cleaned" (detoxified).People suffering from diabetes especially Type 2 can use GNLD BetaGuard supplement to detoxify their pancreas to product insulin for blood sugar managementProtects the soft body tissues.Hears mucous membranes and increases the resistance of these membranes against infection

What’s in the box

100 tablets of beta guard


  • Production Country: USA
  • Weight (kg): 0.5
  • Shop Type: Jumia Mall

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Neolife Beta Guard Broad Spectrum Antioxidant

Neolife Beta Guard Broad Spectrum Antioxidant

₦ 52,400
₦ 55,0005%
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